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Flessner, Ryan

Assoc Professor - Education
College of Education


Jordan Hall - 180D

Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Action Research/Teacher Research/Self-Study, Elementary Education, Mathematics Education, Equity/Diversity/Social Justice

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)

Flessner, R. (in press). ‘Making the work interesting’: Empowerment through ownership in elementary literature circles. In A. Cohan, & A. Honigsfeld (Eds.), Breaking the mold of classroom organization and management: Innovative and successful practices of engagement, motivation, and student empowerment for 21st century schools.


Flessner, R., Miller, G., Patrizio, K., & Horwitz, J. (Eds.). (in press). Agency through teacher education: Reflection, community, and learning. Lanham, MD: R&L Education.


Flessner, R., & Magee, P. (in press). Understanding community voices as a force in teacher education. In R. Flessner, G. Miller, K. Patrizio, & J. Horwitz (Eds.), Agency through teacher education: Reflection, community, and learning. Lanham, MD: R&L Education.


Shelley, E., & Flessner, R. (in press). Reggio Emilia approach. In J. Ainsworth, & G. J. Golson (Eds.), Sociology of Education. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.


Flesner, R. (2012). Addressing the research/practice divide in teacher education.  Action in Teacher Education, 34(2), 159-171.


Magee, P., & Flessner, R. (2012). Connecting science to the real world: Utilizing inquiry-based teaching and kids inquiry conferences to strengthen elementary science instruction.  In R. Yager (Ed.), Exemplary Science for Building Interest in STEM Careers. Arlington, VA: National Science Teachers Association.


Flessner, R., & Horwitz, J. (2012). Easing into the academy: Using technology to foster cross-institutional critical friendships. The New Educator, 8(1), 86-103.


Flessner, R. (2011).  Pushing the field of practitioner research: Utilizing ‘reflective third spaces’ to explore educational practice. In I. M. Saleh, & M. S. Khine (Eds.), Practitioner research in teacher education: Theory and best practices (pp. 121-140). Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang.


Magee, P., & Flessner, R. (2011). PD Pathways: Have a Kids Inquiry Conference. Science & Children, 48(8), 63-67.


Magee, P., & Flessner, R. (2011). Five strategies to support all teachers. Science & Children, 48(7), 34-36.


            Selected for re-publication as:


            Magee, P., & Flessner, R. (2012). Five strategies to support all teachers. In L. Froschauer (Ed.), A year of inquiry: A collection for elementary educators. Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.


Flessner, R. (2009). Working toward a third space in the teaching of elementary mathematics. Educational Action Research, 17(3), 425-446.


Zeichner, K. M., & Flessner, R. (2009). Educating teachers for critical education. In M. W. Apple, W. Au, & L. Gandin (Eds.), The Routledge international handbook of critical education (pp. 296-311). New York: Routledge.


Zeichner, K. M., & Flessner, R. (2009). Educating teachers for social justice. In K. M. Zeichner (Ed.), Teacher education and the struggle for social justice (pp. 24-43). New York: Routledge. 


Caro-Bruce, C., Flessner, R., Klehr, M., & Zeichner, K. M. (Eds.). (2007). Creating equitable classrooms through action research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.


Flessner, R., Zeichner, K. M., Eggington, K. (2007). Tying it all together: Implications for classrooms, schools, and districts. In C. Caro-Bruce, R. Flessner, M. Klehr, & K. Zeichner (Eds). Creating equitable classrooms through action research (pp. 277-296). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.


Flessner, R. (2007). Book Review. Teaching Education, 18(3), 279-282.

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)

ED 112 - Introduction to Education

ED 244 - Concepts of Education

ED 416 - Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

ED 535 - Teacher Research

ED 658 - Teacher Leadership


B. S. in Elementary Education - Butler University M. A. in Curriculum & Teaching - Teachers College, Columbia University Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Indiana Teaching License - Grades 1-6, 7-8 non-departmentalized

Professional Credentials
Co-Chair - Commission on Agency in Teacher Education, Association of Teacher Educators Editorial Advisory Board, The New Educator

Association Memberships (professional/educational)
American Educational Research Association Association of Teacher Educators National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Professional Experience
Associate Professor of Education - Butler University (2010-present) Assistant Professor of Teacher Education - Indiana University, Indianapolis (2008-2010) Teaching Assistant - University of Wisconsin-Madison (2004-2008) 4th Grade Teacher - Columbia Grammar School, New York, NY (2000-2004) 5th Grade Teacher - Indian Creek Elementary, Indianapolis, IN (1998-2000)