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Akinbo, Olujide

Professor - Chemistry


Gallahue Hall - 343


Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Applied Environmental Analytical Chemistry and General Chemistry.

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)
Development and application of analytical methods for total and speciated determination of trace elements (metals, organometallics, nonmetals, and metalloids) in environmental, biological, pharmaceutical and forensic samples. Application of elemental speciation for human chemical exposure, risk assessment, toxicological, pharmaceutical and clinical studies. based on hyphenated techniques for human chemical exposure studies.

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)
Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry.

Personal Hobbies
Soccer - watching, playing and officiating. Ping-pong and tennis.


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Research Triangle Institute, NC.; Ph.D., Northern Illinois University; M.Sc. and B.Sc. University of Ibadan, Nigeria.