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Bohannon III, Neil

Wesley A Dunn Professor - Psychology


Jordan Hall - 284

Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Developmental Psychology Language development, Autobiographical memory, Effects of emotion and arousal on memory, "flashbulb memory", Memory for discovering shocking news, e.g. Pearl Harbor, Assassination of JFK, Deaths of JFK, Jr, Princess Diana, Attacking Iraq - 1991, 2002, World Trade Center, Death of Osama bin Laden, Obama Election.  Evolutionary Theory and Memory. 

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)
see vita:29 articles and published reviews, 16 book chapters, 3 edited books, 1 Discovery Channel Special, over a 150 conference presentations or invited addresses

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)
Introductory psychology, Lifespan Developmental psychology, Law and Psychology, Emotion and Memory



  • 1967 - United States Naval Academy
  • 1970 - Fairfield University A.B.
  • 1972 - University of Hartford M.A.
  • 1975 - S. U.N.Y. at Stony Brook Ph.D.

1975 - State University Fellowship, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook,1977 - Friends of Forensics Teaching Award, Barkley Forum, Emory University,1979 - SRCD Summer Institute: The origins and development of communication, University of Delaware,1983 - The Monie A. Ferst Memorial - Sigma Xi Research Award for Junior Faculty in Science, Georgia Tech.1984 - SRCD Summer Institute: Child Development and Social Policy, Cornell University,1985 - SRCD Summer Institute: Child Development and Social Policy, The University of Texas at Austin,1993 - W. A. Dunn Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Butler University,1999 - President, Southeastern Workers in Memory, 2001 - Best Paper Award, 1st runner-up, Southeastern Psychological Assoc., 2008 - Best Paper Award, Southeastern Psychological Assoc.

Association Memberships (professional/educational)

  • Southeastern Psychology Association
  • Society for Research in Child Development
  • American Psychological Society
  • Psychonomic Society
  • AAAS

Professional Experience
1972-1975 - Teaching Assistant, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook,1975-1978 - Assistant Professor, Emory University,1978-1984 - Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology,1984-1988 - Associate Professor, V.P.I. & S.U.,1988-present - Professor, Butler University,1988-1996, 2002-2007 - Head of Psychology, Butler University