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McAllister, Meredith

Associate Professor - Education
College of Education


Jordan Hall - 184B
1-2 p.m. Wednesdays


Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Science Education

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)
Selected Publications for Dr. McAllister-Beilfuss  

Yang, L., Soprano, K., McAllister, M. (in press) What Are Elementary and Middle School Students Expected to Learn about the Sun and Moon in Taiwan and the US? Science Education International

McAllister, M. & Soltis, A. (in press) Become a weedtracker!  Mapping invasive species using GPS and Google Earth.  The Spectrum.

Soltis, A. & McAllister, M. (in press).  Herbarium inquiry: Going digital. The Spectrum.

McAllister, M., Latimer, J., & Yang, L. (in press).  Collecting data in the field: Attitudes of preservice elementary science teachers after a fieldtrip experience.  In The Trenches

Capps, D., McAllister, M., & Boone, W.  (in press) Alternative conceptions concerning the earth's interior among Honduran students.  Journal of Geoscience Education.

McAllister, M. & Yang, L. (in press). Weathering away... The Spectrum.

McAllister, M., Yang, L., and Bondy, J. (in press).  Water cycle research. The Spectrum.

McAllister, M., & Craig, C., (in press) Visualization in science education: Computer animations/simulations.  The Spectrum.

McAllister, M., & Yang., L. (Fall, 2012) Teaching erosive power using inquiry: Stream boards. The Spectrum, Vol. 38 (2) 32-34.

Yang, L & McAllister, M (Spring 2012).  Case studies of children's prior knowledge and understandings of the concept of substance.  Michigan Science Teachers Association, Vol. 57(1), 15-26.

Beilfuss, M., & Speer, J. (Spring, 2011).  Plate tectonics in the classroom. The Spectrum Vol. 37(1), 27-30.

Beilfuss, M., & Speer, J. (Fall, 2011).  The connection between fieldwork experiences and student attitudes towards the environment. The Spectrum. Vol. 37(2), 26-29.

Beilfuss, M. & Yang, L. (Summer, 2011) Fossil collecting: St. Leon, IN. The Hoosier Science Teacher, Vol XXXVI (4), 124-126.

Beilfuss, M., & Yang, L. (Spring, 2011) Learning in the prairie: A comparison of field sketching and photography data collection methods among secondary students. Michigan Science Teacher Association, Vol. 56(1) 18-40.

Craig, C., & Beilfuss, M. (Spring, 2011)  Conceptual development: Understanding atmospheric concepts. Michigan Science Teacher Association, Vol. 56(1) 3-5.

Acheson, G. & Beilfuss, M. (2010) Analysis of college students' spatial knowledge and misconceptions related to the Earth's major biomes.  Research in Geographic Education, Vol. 12 (1), 64-79.

Yang, L. & Beilfuss, M (Fall, 2010).Examining Elementary Science Curricula Using Reform-Based Standards. The Spectrum, Vol 36(2).

Beilfuss, M & Yang, L. (Summer, 2010) Looking at the world in a whole new light: The history of the development of satellite platforms and multispectral scanners for remote sensing.. The Hoosier Science Teacher, Vol XXXV (4), pp.119-121.

Beilfuss, M (Spring, 2010). Nature of science: Research informs practice- The ‘Block' Activity. The Spectrum Vol. 36(1)34-36.

Yang, L., Beilfuss, M., & Latimer, J. (Winter, 2008). Earth Science Virtual Fieldtrip Sites. The Hoosier Science Teacher, Vol. XXXIV (2) 40-42.

Beilfuss, M., Sparks, D., & Henman, K. (Spring, 2008) Echolocation. The Hoosier Science Teacher, Vol. XXXIII (3) 84-86.

Beilfuss, M. & Hansen, D. (2007, Fall). Using science as a tool to promote literacy for ESL students.  INTESOL Journal (Indiana Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) 4(1) 34-42. 

Beilfuss, M. (2007, Fall) Connecting cognitive research and science education. Michigan Science Teachers Association 52(2) 6-8.

Yang, L., Beilfuss, M. (Spring, 2007). Scientific Literacy: Historical Perspectives The Spectrum, Vol. 33 (1) 26-30.

Beilfuss, M. & White, O. (Spring, 2007). Women Scientists in America, Before Affirmative Action 1940-1972: How far have we come? A book review. The Spectrum, Vol. 33 (1) 14-18.

Beilfuss, M., Sparks, D., & Henman, K. (Spring, 2007) The Indiana Bat. The Hoosier Science Teacher, Vol. XXXII (3) 69-71.

Abell, S. K., Boone, W., Arbaugh, F., Lannin, J., Beilfuss, M, Volkman, M, & White, S. (Sept. 2006).  Recruiting future science and mathematics teachers in alternative certification programs. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 17(3) 165-183.

Beilfuss, M., Speer, J. (2005).  Achieving scientific literacy in the undergraduate earth science classroom.  Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, 9(4) 13-19.

Planinic, M., Boone, W., Krsnik, R., & Beilfuss, M. (2005).  Exploring alternative conceptions from Newtonian dynamic and simple DC circuits: Links between item difficulty and confidence. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 43(2), 150-171.

Libarkin, J.C., Anderson, S., Beilfuss, M., Boone, W., Dahl, J., &  Kurdziel, J., (January,2005)  Qualitative analysis of college students' ideas about the Earth: interviews and open-ended questionnaires. Journal of Geoscience Education 53(1).

Beilfuss, M., (2004). Analysis of students' spatial knowledge and misconceptions related to earthquakes and volcanoes.  Research in Geographic Education, 3(1), 76-82.

Libarkin, J., Beilfuss, M., & Kurdziel, J., (Jan. 2003). Research methodologies in science education: Mental models and cognition in education, Journal of Geoscience Education, 51(1), 121-126.

Anderson, S.W., Libarkin, J., Beilfuss, M., Dahl, J., & Boone, W.J., (2002). Analysis of college students' ideas about geologic time:   questionnaires and interviews from four institutions. Eos TransactionsAmerican Geophysical Union, v.83, p. S115.

Libarkin, J.C., Anderson, S.W., Boone, W., Beilfuss, M., & Dahl, J., (2002). The Geoscience Concept Test: A new assessment tool based on student Misconceptions. Eos Transactions, American Geophysical Union, v.83, Fall Meeting Supplement.

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)

ED 112 Introduction to Teaching

ED 244 Concepts in Education

ED 324 Secondary General Methods

ED 327 Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle Grades

ED 433 Integrated Special Methods

ED 434 Student Teaching Seminar

CORE undergraduate classes:

FYS Wilderness Perspectives

NW 260  Earth Systems Science

SW 219 Contemporary World Geography

PWB 101  Hiking and Backpacking

Personal Hobbies



Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction: Science Education

M.A. Geography: GIS and Remote Sensing

M.A. Science Education

B.A. Secondary Science Education


Secondary Education: Biology, Earth Science, and Geography grades 7-12

Project Wild, Wet, and Project Learning Tree

Association Memberships (professional/educational)

Association for Science Teacher Education

National Association for Research in Science Teaching

Hoosier Science Teacher Association

Professional Experience

2007-current Butler University

2004-2007 Assistant Professor, Indiana State University

2001-2004 Associate Instructor, Indiana University