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Lewellyn, Lindsay

Assistant Professor - Biology
Biological Sciences


Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Drosophila genetics

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)

Lewellyn L, Cetera M, and S Horne-Badovinac.  (2013) Misshapen decreases integrin levels to promote epithelial motility and planar polarity in Drosophila J Cell Biol Mar 18; 200(6):721-9.

Lewellyn L, Carvalho, A, Desai A, Maddox, AS, and K Oegema.  (2011) The Chromosomal passenger complex and Centralspindlin independently contribute to contractile ring assembly. J Cell Biol Apr 4;193(1):155-69.

Lewellyn L, Dumont, J, Desai A, and K. Oegema.  (2010) Analyzing the effects of delaying aster separation on furrow formation during cytokinesis in the C. elegans embryo. Mol. Biol. Cell Jan;21(1):50-62.

Essex, A, Dammerman, A, Lewellyn, L, Oegema, K, and A Desai.  (2009) Systematic analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans reveals that the spindle checkpoint is composed of two largely independent branches.  Mol Biol Cell 20(4):1252-67.

Canman JC, Lewellyn L, Laband, K, Smerdon, S, Desai A, Bowerman, B and K Oegema.  (2008) Inhibition of Rac by the GAP activity of centralspindlin is essential for cytokinesis.  Science 322(5907): 1543-6.

Maddox A.S., Lewellyn L., Desai A., and K. Oegema.  (2007) Anillin and the septins promote asymmetric ingression of the cytokinetic furrow.  Dev Cell. 12(5): 827-35.

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)

Cellular and Molecular Biology Fundamentals (BI202)

Advanced Cell Biology

Developmental Biology



B.S. (2003) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Biology)

Ph.D. (2010) University of California, San Diego (Biomedical sciences)

Postdoctoral training (2010-2013) University of Chicago (Cell and developmental biology) 


American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012-2013

American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship 2010-2012

NSF GK-12 Socrates Teaching Fellowship 2008-2009 

Association Memberships (professional/educational)

American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)

Genetics Society of America (GSA)