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Farley, Lisa

Assistant Professor - Physical Education
College of Education


Hinkle Fieldhouse - 458B


Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Physical Education Pedagogy, Health Education, Nutrition,Sport Skills

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)


 American Cancer Society/CDC – Grant for Higher Education Academy III, Atlanta, GA (2012), $2200

American Cancer Society/CDC – Grant for Higher Education Academy Sequel, Kansas City, MO (2010), $1500

American Cancer Society/CDC – Grant for Higher Education Academy, Atlanta, GA (2009), $1200

Butler Grant - Indianapolis Community Requirement (2010), $550

IUPUI, Office of Professional Development (2006) $250. Lecturers Development Grant.

Indiana Department of Education, Division of School and Community Nutrition Program. (2005), $1000 – “Action for Healthy Kids – Fueling up for a world tour.”




Farley, L.A. (pending). Education Content Area: Nutrition. In D.C. Wiley, Encyclopedia of School Health. Sage Publications

Farley, L. A. (2008). Case Studies: Nutrition for health. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt.

Farley, L.A. (1994-2002). Lifetime Fitness Supplement. McGraw-Hill.


Rudd, A. and Farley, L. Council for Future Professionals SUPERSTARS Competition.  (Accepted -IAHPERD Regional Conference, Oct. 13, 2012).

Farley, L., and Welch, M.  Purposeful Instant Activities for Early/Middle Childhood Physical Education.  (Accepted -IAHPERD Regional Conference, Oct. 13, 2012).

Welch, M. and Farley, L. The Do-Over Model: A Developmental Approach to a Physical Education Methods Practicum.   (Accepted -IAHPERD Regional Conference, Nov. 2, 2012).

Farley, L., Hochman, A., Blackport, J., and Westin., N. Integrating Health and Elementary Teacher Education: Erasing Disciplinary Boundaries.  Proposed for AAHPERD, March 2013.

Farley, L. and Brassie, J. Council for Future Professionals SUPERSTARS Competition. IAHPERD Conference, 2011.

Welch, M., and Farley, L. Future Professionals’ Perspectives on NASPE Hot Topics.  IAHPERD Conference, 2011

Welch, M., Farley, L. Video Analysis : A Valuable Teaching and Learning Tool.  IAHPERD Conference, 2011.

Farley, L., Welch, M., and Muhs, L. Teaching Ethics in Health Education. AAHPERD Conference, 2011.

Farley, L. and Welch, M. Podcasting: The power of public service announcements. AAHPERD Conference, 2011.

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Farley, L., Welch, M., and Rogers, J. e-Portfolio: An Effective Pedagogical Assessment Tool for Health Education. AAHPERD Conference, 2010.

Farley, L. Ultimate Frisbee - Inside and Out. IAHPERD Conference, 2000

Farley, L. Let’s Play Ultimate Frisbee. IAHPERD Conference, 1999

Farley, L. and Angermeier, L. Food for Thought. American School Health Association, 2006 (rejected due to duplication)



Goldberg, P., Welch, M., Farley, L., and Reagan, B. (IRB Approved). The Relationship Between the Functional Movement Screen and Sport-Specific Skills in NCAA Division 1 Baseball Players.

Lee, S. and Farley, L.A. (2009). The Effectiveness of Risk Management Plan in Recreational Sport

Programs of Division I-A Universities. Recreational Sport Journal. Vol. 23, Issue 2.

Farley, L. A. (Summer, 2008). Case Studies: Nutrition for Health. In-Motion , 18.

Farley, L. A. (Summer, 2007). The Exercise Nutrition Connection. In-Motion , 18-19.



Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)
Nutrition for Educators; Introduction to Health Education; Physical and Health Education Methods for Middle/Secondary students; Walking, Wagging, Wellness(with the Humane Society of Indianapolis); School and Community Health; Physical Education Methods for Elementary and Middle Grades

Personal Hobbies
My family, Gardening, Playing soccer, Watching most sports, Butler Baseball, Home Improvements



B.S. - Physical and Health Education (grades 5-12), Coaching: University of Wisconsin - River Falls

M.S. - Sports Administration: University of Wyoming

Ed.D. - Adult, Higher, and Community Education: Ball State University (Curriculum Minor)