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Morris, Kathryn

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Provost Office


Jordan Hall - 109


Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise: social psychology, psychology of gender, methodology, and statistics. Current Research Interests: prejudice, stereotyping, and discriminatory behavior, including derogatory humor, confrontation of prejudice, and workplace applications.

Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)
Selected Publications

Morris, K. A., & Ashburn-Nardo, L. (2010). The implicit association test as a class assignment: student affective and attitudinal reactions. Teaching of Psychology.

Morris, K. A., Ashburn-Nardo, L., & Padgett, R. J. (2011). Think fast: Using web-based reaction time technology to promote teaching about racial bias and diversity. In D. S. Dunn, J. C. Wilson, J. Freeman, & J. R. Stowell (Eds.), Getting connected: Best practices for technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Ashburn-Nardo, L., Morris, K. A., & Goodwin, S. A. (2008). The Confronting Prejudiced Responses (CPR) Model: Applying CPR in the Workplace. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 7, 332-342.

Ashburn-Nardo, L., Morris, K. A., & Goodwin, S. A. (2008). The confronting prejudiced responses (CPR) model: “CPR” for Hispanic professionals. The Business Journal of Hispanic Research, 2, 77-79.

Lakin, J., Giesler, R. B., Morris, K. A., & Vosmik, J. (2007). HOMER as an acronym for the scientific method. Teaching of Psychology, 34, 94-96.

Padgett, M. Y., & Morris, K. A. (2006). Keeping it ‘all in the family’: Does nepotism in the hiring process really benefit the beneficiary? Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 11, 34-45.

Butler Assignment (classes or work duties)
Courses Taught: Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Gender, Experimental Psychology, Research Methods & Statistics, Advanced Seminar in Social Psychology, Honors Colloquium



BA, Gettysburg College; MA, University of Texas at Austin; PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Association Memberships (professional/educational)

Society for Personality and Social Psychology; Society for the Teaching of Psychology