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Xu, Hongjiang

Associate Professor of MIS
College of Business


Holcomb Building - 216

Academic/Professional/Personal Focus

Areas of Expertise

Management information systems,

Accounting information systems,

Data / information quality,

Information security,


System analysis and design,


Contributions: (published works or studies, conference presentations)

Referred journal articles / publications

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Scholarly book chapters

Nord, J.H., Nord, G.D., Xu, H. and Myrin, E.S, 2007, “Data Quality: An Assessment,” Contemporary Issues in Database Design and Information Systems Development, Siau, K. (Ed.) IGI Publishing, Hershey New York, ISBN 978-1-59904-289-3.

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Refereed conference proceeding papers

Xu, H., 2011, "Data quality alignment: stakeholders' perspective," Academic Business World International Conference 2011, May 24-27, Nashville, TN, USA.

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PhD in Information Systems  - University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Master of Commerce in Information Systems - University of Queensland, Australia

Bachelor of Economics in Financial Accounting - Renmin University of China